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What is Steampunk?... Meet Imagination: From Steampunk Homes to Steampunk Jewelry

Take a little science fiction and fantasy. Mix it with a lot of imagination. Sprinkle in a dash of creativity and – voila! – you have steampunk. For those unfortunate folks who have never heard of steampunk and who are still staring at their screens with big question marks hovering over their heads, let’s go into a bit more detail. Steampunk is a fashion – and to some folks, a lifestyle, even – that mixes industrial technology into various designs (most of which take on a reimagined American “Wild West” or British Victorian type of theme). Think of the types of leather-accented dapper outfits, aviator goggles, and gleaming brass fixtures you’d find scattered throughout the world of H.G. Wells and...

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Three Tips to Finding the Most Comfortable Ring Size

Your wedding ring set is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. If things go as planned, you’ll be wearing this piece of jewelry ’til death do you part. Every couple agonizes over what kind of rings to get. What metal do you both like? What style will look beautiful no matter where you are and what you’re wearing? Should you go with a plain set or something more unique?An important part of this process – and probably the most important decision – is choosing the correct ring size for you and your spouse. Planning for a wedding can be incredibly stressful, but knowing that you’ve chosen the right ring size doesn’t have to be.Perhaps you’re not even...

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Magic and Medicine: Why Do People Adore Copper Jewelry?

Beautiful, mystical, copper. It’s been valued as a material for making jewelry as far back as seven thousand years ago. As people learned how to work with this highly malleable metal, royals and court officials began commissioning copper jewelry to be made as a symbol of their elevated status.Copper was used for more than an indication of wealth, however. It was also used to make tools, as well as used in medical procedures. Copper found its way into religious ceremonies, as well. To the ancient Egyptians, copper was a sacred metal, and they believed that it passed magical powers to people who wore it. Copper in Jewelry TodayIt should come as no surprise, then, that this gently shimmering, rustic material...

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