Magic and Medicine: Why Do People Adore Copper Jewelry?

Beautiful, mystical, copper. It’s been valued as a material for making jewelry as far back as seven thousand years ago. As people learned how to work with this highly malleable metal, royals and court officials began commissioning copper jewelry to be made as a symbol of their elevated status.

Copper was used for more than an indication of wealth, however. It was also used to make tools, as well as used in medical procedures. Copper found its way into religious ceremonies, as well. To the ancient Egyptians, copper was a sacred metal, and they believed that it passed magical powers to people who wore it.

Copper in Jewelry Today

It should come as no surprise, then, that this gently shimmering, rustic material has withstood the test of time and can still be found adorning the necks, wrists, and fingers of jewelry-wearers today. Some people wear copper because of its perceived medical benefits. It’s rumored to be a natural anti-inflammatory that can ease arthritis pain. Some people believe that wearing copper jewelry improves copper absorption and can help boost energy and nip headaches in the bud.

Others continue the tradition of wearing copper due to its spiritual qualities. In ancient times, it was often worn as a talisman to offer protection to the wearer. Many people believe that copper is capable of opening blocked energy pathways.

For some, though, copper jewelry is absolutely beautiful and any medicinal or spiritual values it may impart are a plus. Hammered copper adds an element of detail that’s both rustic and elegant. For those seeking copper’s mystical healing properties – or maybe just its timeless beauty – Gilleri offers a wide selection of nontraditional mixed metal rings that prominently features copper beautifully paired with metals such as gold, sterling silver, and brass. 

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