What is Steampunk?... Meet Imagination: From Steampunk Homes to Steampunk Jewelry

Take a little science fiction and fantasy. Mix it with a lot of imagination. Sprinkle in a dash of creativity and – voila! – you have steampunk.

For those unfortunate folks who have never heard of steampunk and who are still staring at their screens with big question marks hovering over their heads, let’s go into a bit more detail.

Steampunk is a fashion – and to some folks, a lifestyle, even – that mixes industrial technology into various designs (most of which take on a reimagined American “Wild West” or British Victorian type of theme). Think of the types of leather-accented dapper outfits, aviator goggles, and gleaming brass fixtures you’d find scattered throughout the world of H.G. Wells and mix them all together and you have the gist.

Some people have even “steampunked” their homes. From industrial wall art to a fully-remodeled house that features steampunk-style doors, it’s possible to truly live the steampunk experience. Steampunk computers are perhaps the ultimate expression of the movement’s “industrial technology reimagined” goal.

Steampunk Fashion

For those who are living the steampunk life, as well as those who enjoy an occasional foray into this fun and creative style, steampunk fashion is an exciting way to get your steam on. The great thing about steampunk fashion is that there’s no incorrect way to do it.  In Buzzfeed’s “The 6 Rules of Steampunk Fashion,” they instruct readers, “When in doubt, dress Victorian and then add.”

What do people add? Scarves, goggles, feather-accented hats, and leather: boots, gloves, and belts. Belts that have loops to hold an unexpected assortment of dangling tools and trinkets are a plus. There is virtually no way to get steampunk wrong; people are simply encouraged to dress in a way that highlights their individual style, hobbies, and personality.

Steampunk Jewelry

One of the coolest ways to accent (or begin) your steampunk look is with the addition of steampunk jewelry. From leather wrist cuffs to necklaces that feature tiny gears, steampunk jewelry is the perfect way to declare your love of steampunk style every day – even when you’re dressed in regular clothes.

Steampunk rings are an amazing fashion statement that look stunning when you’re geared up in your goggles and top hat or dressed in today’s traditional clothes and headed to work. Men’s rings that mix metals like copper and brass will draw stares and admiring comments – jewelry that stands out from most ho-hum modern fare.

Choosing steampunk style for your rings isn’t just for everyday jewelry, and it isn’t just for men, either. Steampunk engagement ring sets are the perfect alternative for any couple who would like to bring the sci-fi/fantasy world into their real world romance. Wedding rings come in steampunk style, as well. It takes a truly skilled jeweler to craft designs that feature the signature steampunk mix of metals, yet are dainty enough to look subtle and beautiful on a woman’s hand. In the right hands, however, these metals can come together in a way that provide the perfect steampunk accent to any hands.