Three Tips to Finding the Most Comfortable Ring Size

Your wedding ring set is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. If things go as planned, you’ll be wearing this piece of jewelry ’til death do you part.

Every couple agonizes over what kind of rings to get. What metal do you both like? What style will look beautiful no matter where you are and what you’re wearing? Should you go with a plain set or something more unique?

An important part of this process – and probably the most important decision – is choosing the correct ring size for you and your spouse. Planning for a wedding can be incredibly stressful, but knowing that you’ve chosen the right ring size doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps you’re not even purchasing a wedding ring; maybe you’re simply shopping for a surprise gift for that special someone or have found an amazing everyday ring that you simply can’t live without. How do you go about finding the right size the first time around?

Ring Sizing for a Comfortable Fit

It’s tough to say “large-sized hands will take this size of ring, while small-sized hands will need this size” because such an approach doesn’t account for an individual’s finger shape. This is why going into a jeweler (even if it’s not the store you’ll be purchasing from) to get your ring size checked is important.

Your ring should fit comfortably. This means that it doesn’t press into your skin or cause it to bulge out. Keep in mind that there is no “perfect” ring size, as your fingers can swell and contract up to half a size throughout the day as you retain and lose water. You’re simply looking for the most comfortable ring size.

The best time of day to be sized is from mid to late afternoon when most people’s fingers tend to be at their largest stable size of the day.

Consider the Difference Between Your Right and Left Hands

First things first: if you’d like the perfect size for a wedding band, remember that the ring will be worn on your left ring finger. Make sure you get the size of your left ring finger and not your right, as there’s always a difference in ring size between the two hands. Right-handed people will have a right ring finger that’s as much as half a size larger than their left, and vice-versa for left-handed people.

Wide Ring Sizes Will Be Larger

One common mistake people make is sizing their fingers for a regular ring and using that size to purchase a wide ring. Wide rings are particularly popular among men’s ring styles these days. It’s important to know that the wider a ring is, the larger a size you’ll need because the ring will take up more space on your finger. What’s considered a wide ring? Think 7mm and up. Rather than playing a ring sizing guessing game, take yourself (and your significant other) to a reputable jeweler and get measured in order to be certain. 
Please be sure to tell the jewelers what type the ring is: 'comfort fit' or 'standard fit', and what 'width' your ring will be. If your ring width is 7mm or wider, have him use a wide band ring sizer.

Have questions about ring sizing? Gilleri specializes in handmade rings – including wide ring styles – and would be happy to talk with you and work with you to find the right size for you or your significant other. Contact us to find out what we can create for you!