Tips to Create the Rustic Wedding of Your Dreams

When it’s time to plan your wedding, the style of venue, ceremony, and decor you choose will be deeply reflective of your interests and likes as a couple. Some opt for a breezy beach wedding, while others lay things out in a more traditional manner with a church setting, the bridal march playing during the walk down the aisle, lots of flowers, and a white dress/tuxedo.

One style of wedding that we’re starting to see more often takes a more natural tone: the rustic wedding. From unexpected venues and food choices to rustic wedding bands, there are a million different ways to bring that rough-hewn feel to the most important day of your life. If you’re considering a rustic wedding, here are a few ideas.

Book a Barn for Your Venue

Step one in planning a wedding is figuring out a location. If you’re trying to go rustic, you can’t do better than planning to have it in a barn. The knotty wood and outdoorsy feel will bring a natural vibe to your wedding, while the high ceilings will elevate the event. While opting for an outdoor wedding works for some, we find that a barn wedding provides built-in rustic decor and automatic protection from the elements should the weather not cooperate. Don’t settle for only having a barn ceremony, either; when the “I do’s” have been said, the space will be perfect for a rustic reception, as well!

Go Homey with Your Decor

As you pick out your decor, think of materials that have a warm, natural, homey feel. Wood and paper, soft lighting, and weathered metal all work well at a rustic wedding. From using wooden box planters to line the aisle with flowers to hanging exposed Edison lights throughout the venue, Brides magazine has lots of excellent ideas for rustic wedding decor. Their list will help take you beyond the tired idea of simply putting decorated Mason jars on every reception table.

Pick Out Rustic Wedding Bands

Rustic flair can be used on more than your wedding and reception decor. For a forever reminder of the style you chose for your big day, opt for rustic wedding bands. Instead of rings made of smooth and shiny metals, exchange women’s and men’s wedding bands featuring hammered copper with a beautiful patina. The texture and weathered-looking materials will serve as a constant symbol of all you will experience together over the years and how long your love will endure.

Lest you think a rustic design is only for men’s wedding rings, know that they can be custom-designed for women’s hands, as well. A rustic wedding band set is a beautiful way to bring your ceremony to a perfect close. Next up: the reception!

Comfort Food Galore

The venue was dazzling. The ceremony went off without a hitch (well, except the exciting fact that the two of you are now hitched). Now, it’s time to close things out with a memorable reception. To do this, serve your guests all of the comfort food they can stand. Rustic Wedding Chic has the wonderful idea of seeking out foods that are in season so that your comfort food menu is as fresh, delicious, and affordable as can be. Roasted beet or fried green tomato appetizers are sure to please, while a decadent gouda macaroni and cheese will have people’s mouths watering. Instead of wedding cake, serve individual blueberry or peach cobblers in tiny Mason jars (they had to make an appearance somewhere, right?)

With some planning and creativity, your entire wedding can be beautifully homey and rustic – from the venue down to the rustic wedding bands that you slip on each other’s hands as you say “I do!”